Out of Country “For Non-Turkish People” 350 TL
External Exhibitor “For Non-Turkish People” 100 EURO
Mixed Exhibition Participation Fee (For each piece) “For Non-Turkish People” 100 EURO




  1. Our congress constitutes national and international basis and meets the academic incentive criteria. Therefore please do not request information in this regard and do not make contact.
  2. There are two ways to attend our Congress. External Participation is as “Sectoral” “Audience” “Attendant” and “Academic” “Scientific” “Student”.Particular participation fees are specified on an individual basis for External Participants and Academic Personnel. These fees are as shown in the abovementioned Figure.
  3. Every individual who attends personally to our Congress is obliged to pay the Participation Fee. The person(s) who paid a single registration fee to our Congress may not bring Attendants or Audience with them. PARTICIPIANTS WHO ATTEND TO OUR CONGRESS AS AUDIENCE AND VIEWER ARE OBLIGED TO REGISTRATE AND PAY THE REGISTRATION FEE.
  4. During our Congress, using and wearing collar card is mandatory. Thereforeanyone who does not have collar card and does not registeredmay not benefit from our Congress.
  5. The manner of presentation, ranking, bringing forward, displacement and any other kind of control on the notices in the sessions held in our Congress belongs to the related Moderator of the session. For this reason, councils of our Congress and other related personscannot interfere to sessions and cannotintervene in the duties of relevant Moderators. All kinds of demand and request on this issue must be forwarded to the relevant Moderator.
  6. You may participate with one registration onlyfor two notices. The manner of presentation of this notice depends onthe preference of the relevant participant. Each participant who submits more than two notice must pay half of the congress participation fee for each added notices.
  7. Participants who attend with POSTERnotice must bring in the prepared format of “PDF IN FLASH DISK” and in the size of 70x100 cm. The relevant posters shouldbe prepared with classical practices in known ways. The relevant posters shall be verbally presented at the end of verbal sessions within the allowed time by relevant Moderator.
  8. Only one participation certificate is issued, whether attended with poster or verbal presentation to the Congress. Thereforeseparate participation certificates shall not be prepared for each notice. If participation is only with poster, participation certificate shall be issued with the indication of“POSTER PRESENTATION”, if participation is with verbal presentation and poster,participation certificate shall be issued with the indication of“VERBAL PRESENTATION”.Participation Certificate shall be issued for all registered participants. Participation Certificate shall not be issued for any unregistered participant. Certificate cannot be issued upon request.
  9. Presentation is mandatory in our Congress. “THE ONES SUBMIT OFFICIAL CERTIFICATE OF EXCUSE” is out of this scope. Therefore every participant is obliged to make own presentation regardless of the notice preference. The notices which are not presented shall notbe published in the notice book of our Congress and cannot be demanded to publish. Back page of each participation certificate given in our Congress is necessarily approved with official stamp of the related institutions. Any of the unapproved participation certificate will not be official. Participation certificates are delivered by hand to relevant participants as hard copy. Participation certificates cannot be delivered in different preferred ways. Delivering with different ways cannot be demanded.
  10. Presentations in our Congress is performed in English and Turkish. This preference for presentation should be chosenwhileuploading notice abstract to our Congresssystem. Please attend with the notice prepared only in the language which is preferred in the presentation. Please do not send abstract or full text other than the language you presented or preferred.
  11. If the forwarded notices and posters to our Congress derived and produced from “MASTER and DOCTORATE” Thesis, the author of relevant work should be placed in the first rank and the consultant of relevant work should be placed in the second rank. Every participant attending to our Congress is obliged to comply with this obligation. Relevant participant(s) areresponsible forthe occurring problems and faults, the management and coordinators of our Congress do not admitliability.
  12. Please indicate that you are coming for Congress while you are booking hotel for accommodation. A partial discount is provided to participants of Congress by relevant hotel. It is not obligedto accommodate in hotel for the participants of our Congress.
  13. Every kind of transaction is executed from system in our Congress and the transactionsmadevia mail is not accepted. Therefore please assuredly make your notice deliveries from system with membership information. All kinds of information about our Congress are givenon the website of our Congress. Therefore please do not make request to have information through phone or similar communication ways.
  14. The date of sending the full text is until 24:00 pm of the second day of Congress.In case of postponing or advancing the date of sending the full text, this shall be announced to the participants via e-mailby relevant congress officers. Unless there is no information about this, “END DATE OF SENDING FULL TEXT IS THE LASTDAY OF CONGRESS TILL 24:00 AT NIGHT.” Sending full text is not mandatory in our Congress. “SENDING FULL TEXT IS MANDATORY” for participants who will benefit from academic incentive criteria.
  15. Eachnotice is sent to the approval of judge. The notices passed from the approval of judge appear in the system as “VERBAL” or “POSTER” with a phrase of on the line. The notices appearingwith the phrase of “ON THE LINE” means it is approved.Therefore automatic e-mail information is sent to the registered e-mail address of the participant who is a member of relevant system about the approved and on the linenotices by the system. The participants who are not registered cannot make the full text upload to system. Full text upload is valid just for the notices which are registered and transferred to dash board.
  16. In registration transactions for our Congress,the name and last name of one of the participants whose name is on the relevant notice must be written in the part of statement in“RECEIPTS”. Besides, the information about congress and the name of congress must be included. In the payments via ATM, the name of participants must be included not the Turkish Republic Citizenship Number. Our congress cannot be heldresponsible for the occurring flaws.
  17. Invitation and approval letters shall be sent after the notice fee is transferred to congress account. Please send your payment receipt to address. After sending the receipt, approval and invitation document shall be sent to your e-mail address.
  18. Dear participants, the notices shall be published as full text. The abstract texts of the participants who did not send the full text shall be included in the same book. Sending the full text is not mandatory. Congress notice book shall be published as PDF with E-ISBN on the website of Congress after the Congress ended.The participants can send the texts in conformity with the rules of our journals in our group if they wish. However theassessment and judge process shall be performed according to the flow of our journals. Our Congress does not have any enforcement on the relevant journals. This process is only in the authority and management of relevant journal management. Any participants of the Congress cannot impose and demand enforcement on journals. All kinds of authorization unilaterally belongs to the management of journal.



  • Participation to Scientific Meetings
  • Printed Materials(Collar Card, Participant Certificate)
  • Program of Congress
  • Complimentary service for all day
  • Lunch
  • Full and Abstract Texts that includes notices “THE FULL AND ABSTRACT TEXTS AREINCLUDED IN THE SAME BOOK as E-ISBN PDF(It shall be announced from the website after the Congress)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Dear participants, breakfast and dinner is provided only for participants who stay in the hotel where the congress is held andaccommodate full board. The participants who wish to book for breakfast, lunch and dinner, will need to indicate their wishes to officials of hotel when they book for accommodation. These services are not includedin the participation fee of our Congress. All participants are obliged to attend our Congress by accepting this information. The organization and management councils of Congress will not accept objection. We kindly submit this issue for information purposes to all our participants. 


  • The %50 of participation fee will be refunded in cancellations made until the date of 30 December 2018.
  • The congress fee will not be refunded in cancellations after the date of 30 January 2019.
  • The congress fee refunds will be transferred to the participant after the end of congress.









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